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About us

Advanced GIS solutions for high quality operation and
effective development of engineering networks

Gortis-SL operates in the IT-industry since 1997 and provides full range of services in development, implementation and maintenance of comprehensive geographic information systems and web services.

The success of our GIS solutions is based on the comprehensive approach. Our experts accompany the development of software with inspection, consulting and initial filling of the GIS database.
Clients of Gortis-SL are the large power enterprises which seek to increase efficiency, controllability and profitability of their activity through the use of modern information technology.

The company has head office in St. Petersburg and representative office in Moscow.

The company is the official partner of Microsoft, Oracle, Hexagon.

Our key feature in the IT-market is the successful experience of adaptation of software offered by large foreign IT-companies both to industry specifics and to requirements of a specific customer. It allows to reduce significantly the financial costs of our customers to purchase licenses and reduce dependence on foreign software vendors.
We offer you Xmedia software used to build extensive GIS. It is a result of years of work of our programmers based on global standards and cutting edge technologies. Xmedia is software solution for data domain modeling and data management for the purpose of building a corporate engineering GIS.

The most labor-consuming and long stage of GIS project is the initial input of information. Archives of as-built documentation contain huge volumes of data and include (as-built drawing, schemes, equipment specification, etc). Input of this amount of data requires the customer to attract a significant amount of trained specialists, not involved in the main production process. To solve this problem, we have organized our own data center, which includes a staff of highly qualified specialists with experience and skills in input and processing of complex graphic data. Using of the specialized equipment and the software provides effective and high-quality processing of initial materials of the customer.