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xMedia Desktop

xMedia Desktop software is

  • Multifunctional application for subject area modeling and designing
  • Advanced tool for maintaining and analyzing spatial and semantic data
  • Platform for various business applications development

xMedia Desktop software

xMedia Desktop is a set of software components integrated with the GIS platform. It is the platform for the Customer’s business requirements implementation. xMedia Desktop provides:

  • Information model development
  • Interaction with the system database in terms of information objects
  • User interface setting and system access control
  • Various representations of the same modeled object
  • Use application services

xMedia Desktop components

xMedia Desktop GIS-solution includes components

Geographical representation of the engineering network

  • Network model on the map
  • Network objects location, composition and connectivity data
  • Advanced spatial data editing and analysis

Schematical representation of the engineering network

  • Detailed substation scheme
  • Engineering network scheme
  • Switching simulation

Equipment classification

  • Detailed object data management
  • Electronic documentation attachment
  • Objects life cycle maintaning

Reference data

  • Reference data management
  • View and use reference data


  • Output to Excel, Word or HTML
  • Enterprise template reports
  • Printing cartographic and schematic data

Integration component

  • Output to exchange data format
  • Integration with calculation systems
  • Integration with ERP

Custom components

  • Data import procedures
  • Customers business tasks implementation

xMedia Desktop features

With xMedia Desktop you get

Spatial data editor

Spatial data editor

  • All network elements placement on the map
  • Compliance with enterpise requirements to the as-built documentation
  • Group editing operations
  • Generation of network objects connectivity

schematic editor

Scheme editor

  • Detailed scheme of network construction
  • Network scheme
  • Placement of network objects state symbols
  • Switching simulation


xMedia Desktop software is implemented at large enterprises of the energy industry