Industries – GortisSL


Our solutions allow you to automate the management of engineering networks
and distributed assets in various industries

Complex engineering GIS solution for electric power industry

Complex GIS for electrical network maintenance and development. Wide variety functions
for networks object location data management, substation and network schemes creation and object technical classification

Certification of network objects, switching simulation, damage location, mobile crew management

Corporate complex GIS solution for gas distribution industry

Corporate geoportal of gas distribution network for object location and equipment classification data visualization.

Hydraulic network calculations, network modeling, mobile crew management, accidents consequences modeling, violations registering and monitoring.

GIS solution for heat and power engineering

GIS solution for the heat networks operation and development automation – heat networks location, chamber schemes, object classification.

Network modeling, mobile crew and works management.

GIS solution for water supply and sewerage industry

Corporate GIS-system for water supply and sewerage network management – networks location on the map, objects classification.

Network modeling, mobile crew and works management.

GIS solution for land plots management

GIS for land plots registration and management – the desktop client for operators and system administrators, and the web client for major information consumers

With the GIS solutions for land management you can solve tasks

  • Land plots classification
  • Geospatial data management – land plots location
  • Customers relationships management
  • Contracts registration (making, printing, control)
  • ERP integration
  • Output to exchange data format