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xMedia Web

xMedia Web Server is the server software for developing corporate geoportals.

xMedia Web Server

xMedia Web Server geoportal provides spatial and technical data maintaining, visualization and analysis.

Access to system spatial and attribute data is provided through popular web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer.

Geoportal allows to search and view network objects data, create new objects, edit and delete existing objects, create remarks as a separate red layer, perform attribute queries and generate output data.

Functional modules

xMedia Web Server includes next modules

Interactive map

  • Spatial data visualization
  • Engineering network on the map
  • Additional external WMS/WMTS sources

Attribute data

  • Table forms for the object search
  • Attribute editing
  • Electronic document attaching

Access control

  • User authorization
  • Role based access
  • Monitoring of users actions


  • Output to Excel
  • Printing map fragment

Integration component

  • API
  • Output to exchange data format
  • Integration with vehicle tracking systems


  • Network calculations
  • Simulation of accidents and switching

xMedia Web Server features

With xMedia Web Server you get


Spatial data access

  • Engineering network on the map
  • Object search and highlighting on the map
  • Object geometry editing
  • Setting additional sources of map data


Attribute data access

  • System objects search by the set of attributes
  • View objects data
  • Edit object data
  • Electronic documents attaching – scanned copies, photos and other
  • Ability to integrate with electronic document archives or telemetry systems


xMedia Web Server portal is used